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Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits

680 N. High St. Columbus, OH (614) 228-6191
Betty’s, the brainchild of Columbus restraunteur Elizabeth Lessner LaRue, is the original in the Surly Girl-Tip Top-Dirty Frank’s family. The restaurant and bar exudes a feminine vibe that is rarely found in local watering holes. The feminine touch is pervasive everywhere, from the ornate wallpaper and mirrors, to the porcelain animals above the bar—and, of course, the images of Betty on all wall space. The food, too, conjures the feeling of a homecooked meal at Grandma’s. The Open Faced Turkey Sandwich with mashed potatoes is the epitome of comfort food, but try also the Veggie Burrito ($8), a grilled flour tortilla with black bean hummus, cilantro-lime rice and lots of veggies.