Zen Sushi and More

505 N. High St. Columbus OH 43215 (614) 222-1000

Conveyor belt sushi is all the rage in all the big cities these days.  L.A. has it, Chicago, Tokyo, Singapore…and now, Columbus.  The belt meanders through Zen, past diners seated in booths and on barstools and ultimately back to the sushi chefs who are working non-stop to keep it laden with Makimono, Nigiri, Gunkan, Sushi, Sashimi and Hand Rolls.  The plates ($2-$4) are color-coded to indicate price and tallied when everyone is full.  Then, your party can order something hot, like Satay or Tempura… and if you’re really in the know, you’ll get Chawanmushi.

Note: Zen Sushi and More is currently closed.