Cafe Napolitana

40 N. High St. Columbus OH 43215 (614) 224-3013
Is there such thing as enough cheese?  We have yet to find out, but the closest we got was at Café Napolitana.  They stuff the stuff into pretty much everything they serve for lunch.  And, if they are not stuffing the stuff into something, you can bet they are melting it on top.  Maybe both.  The Pizza Pastries ($5.75) come in no fewer than five varieties and are chock full of the stringy, melty, chewy goods.  Some have ham.  Some have sausage.  Some have ham AND sausage.  There’s even one with spinach and ricotta – and mozzarella.  Then, after you peel the stray cheese from the plate and devour it, Napolitana has homemade gelato in all the flavors you don’t yet know you love.