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1105 W. First Ave. Columbus OH 43212 (614) 294-1105

Who doesn’t love dining next to indoor goldfish ponds?  No one, because goldfish are so serene and non-threatening – mostly because they don’t have any teeth and always kinda look like they’re smiling.  Marshall’s has a goldfish pond… and huge, triple-decker Rubens, fantastic burgers, and enormous salads.  Plus, they guarantee you will leave the joint full.  They can do that, because they pile on the tasty vittles.  The Western Omelet ($6.95 -- $9.00 with potatoes and toast) is at least a pound and a half by itself.  So when you add the home-fries and toast, you’re looking at close to two pounds of food.  It kinda seems insurmountable, until you take that first bite and realize you’re not stopping until the plate is clean.