Johnny Buccelli’s

830 Bethel Rd. Columbus OH 43214 (614) 442-6500
Buccelli’s bakery invented the cheesesteak bun.  Johnny’s a cool name.  Put them together and you get huge sandwiches, homemade frozen custard, hand-shaken lemonade (strawberry and traditional lemon) mountainous salads and hot, hearty soups.  There’s this contraption they’ve got called Two For You ($6.30), whereby you get to choose two items from a retinue of soups, half salads, half sandwiches and baked potatoes.  Uncle Vito’s Cheesesteak, covered with bacon, mushrooms, onion straws and blue cheese dressing, with an Italian Chop salad should do you right.  It’s got real Capicola, for crying out loud, and rich balsamic vinaigrette that couldn’t blend any better with the sweet roast peppers and salty meats if it was actually part of them.