Judy’s Country Kitchen

827 Bethel Rd. Columbus OH 43214 (614) 451-6070
Everything served at Judy’s is made under their roof.  So, if you don’t want the raisins in your chicken salad, just give them a call and have them make you a small batch without any.  If you don’t like the curry in the broccoli and cheese soup, however, have yourself committed.  It’s some of the finest soup on the face of this big blue marble and just a cup of it makes it seem like we are lazily meandering through whatever beautiful, pastoral scene we picture when we visualize beautiful pastoral scenes, rather than hurtling through cold space at millions of miles an hour.  The combination of a Cup of Soup and Half a Sandwich ($4.50) is ridiculously under-priced, which is more good news for us.  The big problem is just figuring out which sandwich to have half of and which soup to dunk it in.