800 N. High St. Columbus OH 43215 (614) 294-8168
Though the staff does not recite poems to their guests, Haiku’s fare certainly qualifies as artful.  Whether you choose to enjoy beautifully-crafted sushi or find yourself drawn towards an eccentric noodle dish or stir-fried entree, you can bet that your meal will be prepared and served with care.  The atmosphere here is alive yet appropriately mellow, even on Saturday nights when live Jazz is playing.  Though you will be hard-pressed to find a flop on their menu, for our 949 purposes, we chose to feature their delightful Siamese Coconut Curry Noodles ($8.95).  Somen noodles, lemon grass, lemon leaves, basil, bamboo and Asian shallots are served in a delicious spicy coconut curry broth.