Wolfgang Puck Express

1625 W. Lane Ave. Columbus OH 43221 (614) 481-9653
Wolfgang Puck Express perfectly illustrates the fact that food served quickly does not automatically become “fast food.”  The “Express” in their name doubles in meaning to relay the ideas that, yes, your meal will be served in no time, but the choices set before you will also be boundless.  From signature personal pizzas (the Spicy Chicken is a parade of flavors) to creative yet recognizable pasta dishes (the Linguini with Shrimp Scampi ($8.95) could easily double on 90% of the dinner menus in this city), to handcrafted sandwiches and specialty plates (two words—Rotisserie Chicken), WPE’s menu covers all possible cravings and tastes, and they do so at an unheard of price point, considering the quality of their ingredients and sizes of their portion.