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Caribbean Jerks

1262 E Powell Rd. Lewis Center OH 43035 (614) 844-6501

Have you ever wished you could take your standard lunch fare and immerse it in the crystal-blue-green waters or golden sunshine of the tropics?  Well, forget about it; the good people over at Caribbean Jerks are doing it for you.  Some of the fish is rum-glazed; some of the shrimps are limed, while others are coconut crusted.  Most of the whatever-it-may-be is fire-grilled, and all of it is an unusual delicious that may be the last thing you were expecting to find this close to the North Pole.  The sweet and spicy on or in everything blends perfectly with that island flavor that we’ve yet to invent a name for, especially on the Beachside Nachos ($7.99), which could make you swear off corporate chains forever.