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Inta Juice

1585 N. High St. Columbus OH 43201 (614) 299-4682

Inta Juice is a full-service smoothie and juice bar located in the heart of the South Campus Gateway.  They serve everything from Tropical Blends to Berry Blasts to Power Smoothies.  Should you actually want something more than a smoothie, get one of their organic vegetable blends or a shot of wheatgrass, which equals an amazing 2 1/2 lbs of green leafy vegetables.  Add two free supplements to your 24 oz smoothie for an extra boost.   This real fruit smoothie will make your mouth water and have you longing for another one.  Try Kiwi Lime Pie 12 oz. ($2.99), Acai Smoothie 24 oz. ($5.99), or the Caribbean Blend 32 oz. ($5.49).