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Milo’s Deli and Cafe

980 W. Broad St. Columbus, OH 43222 (614) 224-0104

Do you ever get tired of places that only offer one kind of Greek Salad?  How about when a menu brags a spicy Cajun something or other, but the food delivers a flaccid tang that not even your great aunt Beverly would find spicy?  Well, fear not.  Milo’s has both kinds of Greek Salads (lettuce-based original and chunky cucumber and tomatoey Village style) and a Cajun Chicken Panino ($5.95), which boasts both hot pepper cheese and a spicy Cajun sauce.  It’s so spicy that Milo’s doesn’t have to distract you with things like foxy counter-candy, put-on congeniality or slick design, either.  It’s just about the food.