The Rose and Thistle

1200 Chambers Rd. Columbus, OH 43212 (614) 486-1990

Although the name doesn’t push the boundaries of non sequitur like some joints over on the Island, like The Lamb and Flag, The Pig and Whistle, The Dog and Bacon or The Goat and Compasses, The Rose and Thistle is about the closest thing we have to South Norworchesterhamingtonshire’s The Moth and Bridle.  For real, though, where else in town can you get a real freekin’ Ploughman’s Lunch ($8.95), replete with Scotch Eggs, Branston Pickle, chesses and chutney?  What about Pasties, Cottage Pie, Sausage Rolls and Welsh Rarebit?  The Rose and Thistle has them all.  As Anglophilic as the menu sounds, it does also offer American favorites like fried bologna, club sandwiches and giant burgers.

Note: The Rose and Thistle is currently closed.