Saigon Palace

114 N Front St. Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 464-3325
If you see something called Bun on a pan-Asian menu, like the one they have at Saigon Palace, seriously consider ordering it, but don’t expect round bread.  What you’ll get are translucent rice vermicelli with spicy meat (of your choice), sprouts, peanuts and a light, sweet and sour, brothy sauce.  All indications are that that dish is indigenous to Viet Nam.  If Thailand is sire to your favorite Asian edibles, try the Pad Thai.  You can’t see through those noodles.  Whichever culinary microclimate you choose for your main dish, be sure to start with the hula-hoop-sized Fried Calimari ($6.95),  Dip it in every sauce you can find.  If you can take it, order everything extra spicy.  It’s the most delicious and life-affirming pain you’ll ever feel.