Asian Gourmet & Sushi Bar

1325 Stoneridge Ln. Gahanna OH 43230 (614) 471-8871
Whether you prefer Japanese, Chinese, Korean or Thai cuisine, Asian Gourmet has all the bases deliciously covered. Located at the corner of Morse & Hamilton Roads, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump east of Easton Town Center—and since we know you go to Easton, we don’t want to hear about how you never go to Gahanna. In fact, check out to properly prepare for visit, which will give you a taste of their colorful, modern interior and the massive selection of dishes on their menu. If you’re in a spicy mood, get the extraordinarily good Garlic Pepper Calamari (with jalapenos!) as an appetizer for the table. Follow it up with the Coconut Shrimp Roll ($8), and you’re good to go!