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Cuisine of India

8475 Sancus Blvd. Columbus, OH 43240 (614) 781-9610

Not much is worth the drive to Polaris, unless you already have to stop at one or more of the hyper-aggressively convenient retailers, but Cuisine of India is.  Theirs is some of the best paneer in the Oxidant.  Get this unique, fresh cheese mixed with spiced spinach in Saag Paneer ($8.50), or get it with peas, or with tomatoes (any way you can really), just get some.  Try some new stuff, like Chicken Reshmi Gulmeg or Gost Tikka Masala, but save room for the old workhorse of Indian food: Tandoori.  Get anything done in the Tandoor (clay oven), from the lamb to the chicken to the naan.  Then have more paneer for desert in the Zaika E Shahi.