Rigsby’s Kitchen

698 N. High St. Columbus OH 43085 (614) 461-7888
Rigsby’s is inarguably one of the classiest places in Central Ohio. It has been for twenty years. In fact, Kent Rigsby was the pioneer in Short-North classy dining. So, if you want lunch to be an impressive event, rather than some sort of greasy comestible eaten from a paper sack, you really should consider Rigsby’s. The Grilled Hamburger with Aged Cheddar on Olive Oil Bun ($9) is quite possibly the classiest (and most delicious) burger in town. In fact, it’s the kind of lunch item that goes as well with a beer as it does with a Bellini– y’know, if your boss, your client or whomever you are lunching with is cool about that sort of thing.