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Molly Woo’s

1500 Polaris Pkwy. Columbus, OH 43240 (614) 985-9667

It seems that the more pan in the Pan-Asian menu, the more American it becomes.  Case in point, Molly Woo’s.  It’s a Cameron Mitchell Restaurant.  It doesn’t get much more American than that, but the menu visits every province in China, Thailand, Japan and a smattering of other island nations.  If paradigms like an Eastern Hemisphere weren’t nonsensical on a globe that rotates on a North/South axis, Molly’s menu would have every corner of it represented (if hemispheres had corners).  Talk them into making you a combination appetizer platter and you can get seven or eight culinary-cultural regions on the same plate, but don’t overdue, because you’ll need room for Molly’s Feast ($7.95).