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Bravo Cucina Italiana

3000 Hayden Rd. Columbus, OH (614) 791-1245‎

Bravo is Italian for bravo, which is what one might say to the chef after fresh Tuscan Tomato Flatbread or Wood-fired Chicken Marsala.  Or, as we at C recommend, one could keep one’s mouth free for business way more important than speaking Italian, like devouring Pasta Bravo, which has a creamy red-pepper sauce, or a grilled Chicken Panino, covered in pesto mayonnaise.  If one is in the know (and one now is, if one is reading this), one should consider the Crispy Shrimp with Charred Tomato ($8.95).  It is a heaping plate of flash-fried shrimp swimming in charred tomato and lemon butter sauce.