Paul’s Fifth Avenue

1565 W. 5th Ave. Columbus OH 43212 (614) 481-8848
While slowly savoring the brown gravy on the tender Liver and Onions ($7.25) on Thursdays, keep an eye out for Florence Jean Tackleberry. Piss her off and she’ll tell you to kiss her grits (which are a delicious accompaniment to any breakfast, by the way). Paul’s has breakfast and lunch; at dinner, they put cloths on the table for a more highbrow feel. The food is pure edible Americana. Imagine what’s on the menu at the café by the gates of heaven. The flattop grilled sandwiches and traditional burgers taste just like you are imagining them as you read this. The fries are perfectly salted, and the girls taking care of the tables will never let a coffee cup get any less than halfway. What more could you want?