482 S. Front St. Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 232-8855

What happened to the Brewery District?!?  It used to be so groovy.  Well, a couple of savvy buisinessfellas recently got a hold of the space that used to be Gibby’s and built them one heck of a groovy establishment, with the help of some sheet metal and crinkly acrylic.  Lux now purveys some of the finest comestibles in the Great Lakes region in an atmosphere that makes a body feel comfortable and classy at the same time.  Try a gi-normous salad, like Southwestern Chicken Salad ($8.95), or some Crab Rangoon or Bacon Wrapped prawns (who doesn’t like bacon wrapped around everything?!?).  Then get your picture taken in the refurbished photo booth by the door.  It’s hot-rodded in Dodge’s original Hemi™ green and genuine diamond plate.

Note: Lux is currently closed.