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Spaghetti Warehouse

397 W. Broad St. Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 464-0143

It’s the original place with lots of crazy nostalgia on the walls and train cars parked inside.  You can even eat in a hundred-year-old elevator car, which might be somehow ironic if your name is Otis.  The Lasagna ($6.99) has fifteen layers of cheese, meat, noodles, cheese, sauce, meat, cheese and meat, yet somehow you’ll swear you’re tasting seventeen layers of flavor.  There’s actual beer in the Chili and a couple of different colors of cheese on the Crispy Chicken parmesan.  Plus, it’s in a cool old warehouse (which once actually housed wares) that’s just across the river from the office, which means you will have time for a gooey brownie sundae.