3277 Refugee Rd. Columbus, OH 43232 (614) 231-6878
How cool would it be if Columbus had an authentic Thai restaurant on every other corner, like they’ve got in L.A. and New York City?  They could hang their long, card-stock menus on our doorknobs, with the selections available for free delivery.  Man, that would be great.  Until then, however, we’ll have to do some driving to get the good stuff.  Drive east.  On Refugee Road there’s a joint called Bangkok that has Chicken in Red Curry ($7.99) that’ll take any curry in the city to the mat.  The noodle dishes, like the Pad Thai and Pad Prik, also deserve their own sports-victory metaphor.  As if that was not enough to make it worth the drive, they serve Larb.  Go find out what that is.