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Anna’s Restaurant

7370 Sawmill Rd. Columbus, OH 43235 (614) 799-2207

A little standardized test review:  Elephant is to Mastodon like Lasagna is to what?  If you said,  “Pasticio” give yourself a smiley face plus.  Pasticio begat lasagna, after the old-timey Greeks, fed up with the invading Ottomans, high-tailed it to Sicily and Calabria.  It was the meal of kings: layers of robustly spiced ground meat and tomatoes under and over layers of pasta, all under a cap of perfectly browned cream béchamel.  Anna’s offers a portion of Pasticio ($8.00) large enough to be lunch all by itself, but they also offer mousaka, parnasos, souvlaki, and lots of food with more than six syllables.  So maybe share, because there’s also dolmathakia, melitzanosalata and, of course, gyros.