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2977 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43202 (614) 985-3189

Talita’s claims to purvey Mexi-taliana.  They sure do, but it’s by way of Brownsville and New York.  The Mexican dishes are loaded with dense, delicious refried beans, cheese, ground beef and jalapenos.  You know, Tex-Mex.  Whereas the Italian specialties have all those cured meats, red sauces and melted mozzarellas that one tends to find at the lower end of Manhattan.  Their hybrid dishes stand out the most.  Stuff like the Mexican Pizza ($4.99), which is a tortilla layered with all the Tex-Mex gear we spoke of earlier.  Or, like when you put some of Talita’s own green hot sauce or red mild sauce on the pepperoni pizza, or when you stuff the toasted, meltingly yummy, Italian sub with crispy-cool avocado salad.  You get the idea.