Ho Toy

11 W. State St. Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 224-6848
The ramp-roofed pagoda used to be the icon of record to denote all things Chinese, especially Chinese food.  Sometimes, even today, the pagoda can be seen on the side of those little to-go boxes, the red paper wrapper on the disposable chopsticks and at the top of menus.  Ho Toy has huge pagodas – on all the aforementioned and even the neon sign on the front of the building.  It screams old-school Chinese food: un-foodly-yet-delicious yellow Chicken Satay ($4.25), all manner of chows fun and mein, foo youngs, and moo goo gai pan.  Just like all the old jokes, you’ll be hungry in a couple hours, so get some of the little boxes with the pagodas on them.