Red Star Tavern

191 W. Nationwide Blvd. Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 228-0055

If you order a slider at most restaurants (except, ironically, White Castle – they get offended when you call them sliders), you get a tiny burger with grilled onions on an equally tiny bun.  If you order them at the Red Star, you have to call them Pot Roast Sliders ($7.95), but then you get slow-roasted, shredded beef, with parmesan-horseradish mashed potatoes on your tiny bun and tasty, crispy onion straws on the side.  The savvy diner will rinse it all down with a draught Shiner Bock.  For lighter appetites, they have big salads and light beer; or rotisserie chicken sandwiches, buffalo calamari or home-fried kettle chips topped with melted blue cheese and bacon.  Okay, that’s not so light – guess that’ll take a Guinness.

Note: Red Star Tavern is currently closed.