Claddagh Irish Pub

585 S. Front St. Columbus, OH 43215 (614) 224-1560
Now is the perfect time to get to Claddagh, since the weather is nice and their patio is terrific.  They have a Pastrami Sandwich ($7.95) that has coleslaw on the inside and rye bread on the outside.  Only eat half of it, since it’s a little hot out and the sandwich is a lot bigger than most.  Besides, you’ll probably already have eaten some fries and had a beer or two (if your boss is as cool as our boss).  Maybe you don’t want a sandwich?!?  Have a cobb salad.  Just make sure to get to Claddagh a little early or a lot late, because the patio seats fill up really quickly, and those are the only ones from which you can see the rest of the Brewery District.