1453 #C Grandview Ave. Columbus, OH 43212 (614) 488-2860

Don’t ask what’s in the headcheese.  Just eat it, because it’s really delicious, especially with a little horseradish on it.  It’s okay if you chicken-out, too.  Krystyna’s has plenty of other deli delights to choose from, and they’re all legit.  In fact, it’s gotta be the most legit, central-European deli in Columbus.  The sausages taste like they were hanging in a storefront just down the hill from Vysy Hrad for a while, before they emigrated, and the cured meats couldn’t possibly have been very ill to begin with, ‘cause the portions on the sandwiches are extremely healthy (sorry about that).  If you want to try lots of stuff all at once, get the Cold-Cut Platter ($5.50).  Bend the sausage like a pretzel.

Note: Krystyna's is currently closed.