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2321 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43202 (614) 299-7990

When was the last time you had really good Paneer?  The day you go to Taj-II for their daily Lunch Buffet ($7.99) the answer will be “today”.  Don’t know what Paneer is?!?  Get yourself to Taj as soon as possible.  Paneer is a light, firm, creamy, mild, fresh cheese that absolutely slays when stewed in spiced spinach (Sag Paneer), or saucy peas (Muttar Paneer), or tomatoes with mushrooms and nuts (Shahi Taj Paneer).  It’s low in fat, high in scrumptiousness, and it’s so versatile you’ll swear it actually becomes a different thing in each dish.  The buffet always also features samosas, chutneys, raita, naan, tandoori, murgh and myriad other delights that spell-check hates.  Don’t listen to spell-check.  This is fantastic food.

Note: Taj-II is now Taj Mahal.