Michael’s Goody Boy

1144 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43201 (614) 291-8512

There are no tables at the Goody Boy, just a meandering countertop with stools permanently affixed to the floor beneath. If you get George's Special ($6.00) breakfast, you get two of everything you want: two eggs, two rashers of bacon and two of the tastiest pancakes you'll ever wanna eat. In fact, you may never want to eat any other pancakes again once you try Goody Boy's. Don't get pancakes every time. The sandwiches, burgers and omelets are as quintessentially greasy-spoon as it gets - you know: on white toast; cooked through and topped with thousand island; and fluffy, yellow and overstuffed (retrospectively). Come to think of it, you could get a side order of cakes with any of those.

Note: Michael's Goody Boy is currently closed.