169 E. Beck St. Columbus, OH 43206 (614) 228-4343
Lindey's has a crystal awning, for crying out loud, so put on a collared shirt. Already in the corporate noose? Keep it on. You'll fit right in - until corporate plastic starts a'flyin'. Don't wait for anyone to run your card. Drop a twenty on the table next to the tomato-stained flatbread crusts, or the spicy aoli residue from the fried calamari and shrimp, or that leaf of arugula that didn't get stacked on a crostino under the most perfectly sliced Beef Carpaccio ($7.95) around. That twenty'll cover your lunch, your Diet Pepsi or iced tea or whatever, and leave a sixty percent tip. Go back a lot. Keep tipping sixty percent. See how you get treated, especially if you don't dawdle. Don't dawdle - it's nice out.