Easy Living Cafe

1355 W. Lane Ave. Columbus, OH 43221 (614) 486-1694
In addition to being one of the nicest and most hospitable guys you'll ever want to meet, Vlady is a masterful soupier. So, know going in that lunch will be accompanied by (at the very least) a cup of soup. It won't be hard to find one to compliment whichever sandwich or salad you choose as your main dish; they're all terrific. If you like a Rueben ($5.50) like we like a Rueben, then you must try Easy Living's deli-style approach to this classic American sandwich. The corned beef is cooked on premise, so it is always precisely tender, yet firm and chewy enough to provide the backbone to an unusually soft-on-the-palate sandwich. The rye bread is not grilled, which saves a few calories, while giving an unmistakably 'deli' aura to this overstuffed meal in itself. Light appetite? Share the sandwich, or take half home with you, because you must make room for some soup.