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Blue Nile

2361 N. High St. Columbus, OH 43202 (614) 421-2323

Injera is a traditional sourdough f1atbread that is both served under and used as a utensil for Ethiopian food. It's tart and moist and tastes like nothing else when wrapped around the robustly spiced lentils, collards, chicken, beef and lamb that make up this wonderfully spicy cuisine. Blue Nile has a Lunch Buffet ($6.99) every day. There's always some stewed meats, spiced lentils, braised vegetables, and plenty of injera. Part of the fun of Ethiopian food is tearing the rubbery pieces of injera, grabbing a combination of lentils and spiced meat, then trying it again with some other customized concoction. Get a combo platter and sit at one of the wicker-basket tables in the back room. The communal plate is left in the middle of the table and everyone tears and grabs until the last bite of Kitfo is gone. Don't worry; they'll bring more injera.