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Bar Louie

3970 Easton Sta. Columbus, OH 43219 (614) 475-4800

Somewhere between Sharper Image Kids and Planet Nostalgia you start getting hungry, so you b-line past the Fox News Store and the More-a-torium to the huge crystal cathedral in the center of Easton Town Center™. Like every good, fake cathedral in the middle of a fake town, it's where the bars are. But we're lucky; our fake town has a real Bar Louie. It's plain, old-school Chicago: simple booths, tables, barstools; not a lot of crazy crap on the walls; and rock-n-roll that's loud enough to hear, but not so much that it makes you raise your voice. As expected, their food also rocks. Try the Louie Brothers Cheesesteak ($7.95), but get some dirty rice or black beans on the side, because the fries and the slaw are already on the inside of this hot-rodded classic sandwich.