Napoli’s Villa Italian

4801 E. Broad St. Whitehall, OH 43213 (614) 864-1151
Carmine Ragusso dated Shirley Feeny who lived with Laverne Defazio. Carmine's family owned a restaurant. Never ate there, but we imagine it probably tasted a lot like Napoli's. It's that miracle combination of meat, cheese and red sauce that gave Italian food its foothold in the United States. It was so damn tasty that people later agreed to things like gnocchi, carpaccio and calamari. Napoli's has the miracle trinity on all kinds of noodles, filled and otherwise; baked into some most savory and cheesy lasagna; or slathered allover delicious subs. The Italian Sub ($5.25) has a double meat option. That's a mountain of scrumptious meat. toasted so the edges of the salami curl up. The 'America's favorites' menu features such treats as fried bologna sandwiches and Velveeta cheeseburgers.