Palette Cafe

In the Columbus Museum of Art (614) 221-6801

Take a few steps down from the museum into the Palette Cafe and the only way you will know you've actually left the museum is by smelling the delightful aromas of whatever it is they are cooking for the day. They run a couple of different entree specials each day ($7.50 tops). The same goes for their soups and salads. They are all made fresh daily and served in a room adorned with melted-glass, cast-iron statues and cryptographic earthenware. You pass pieces of current exhibits on your way in and out, and if you come to the museum just to dine at the Palette Cafe, your parking is free. Besides Mondays, the Palette Cafe will help you gather your strength for another tour of art duty on those days when you've made the Museum an all-day affair.

Note: Palette Cafe is currently closed.