Cafe Mozart

4490 Indianola Ave Columbus, OH (614) 262-9601

There's a piano in the corner, by the door, and whether it's being played or not, it adds an air of peace and sophistication to an already welcoming room. Check out the unusual salad bar, replete with myriad olives, artichokes and other gorgeous produce in extra virgin olive oil and flakes of some herb or other. Refill your coffee cup as many times as you like with one of five or six different daily coffees. Then hurry back to the table before the Grilled Baby Lamb Chops in Creamy Gorgonzola Sauce ($8.99) get there, because you want to take the first bite as the aroma-laden steam wafts towards your nose, which will be battling your taste buds for the title of "most satisfied sensory receptor." If you're one of us (people who love things served in bread bowls) get the goulash. It's Hungarian.

Note: Cafe Mozart is currently closed.