La Bamba

1956 N High St Columbus, OH (614) 294-5004
Burritos as big as your head, they say. Unless, like some of us, you have a particularly sizable noggin, these masterpieces of Mexican hand-eatin' live. up to their reputation. It's real easy and fast, too. Just decide if you want a Burrito ($6.50) (remember, it's head-sized or bigger), tacos or a torta; then choose a meat. They've got chicken, pork, something called vegetarian, or the staple of any authentic Mexican comestible: carne asada. Tito Puente used to play the big pink and yellow club on the corner in the Mission District every Friday. When it let out you could get carne asada from the side of a tricked-out R.V. parked across the street. That's what La Samba's steak tastes like. And yes, you're supposed to eat the pickled carrots.