Fully Cook’d

Dane Cook is hot. And we don’t just mean he’s good looking, either. His ISolated INcident – Global Thermo Comedy Tour has already entertained over 400,000 people and he’s about to add to that total with his stop at Nationwide Arena on October 15th. Hot on the success of his Comedy Central special and his newest album, also titled ISolated INcident, this tour only fuels the fire that is the Dane Cook phenomenon.

Touted as one of today’s most prolific stand-up comedians, Cook has also managed to snag leading male roles in the romantic comedies Good Luck Chuck with Jessica Alba and Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson, as well as the thriller Mr. Brooks with Demi Moore and Kevin Costner. When he’s at a Hollywood party these days, he’s more than just the “funny guy.” In fact, when he hosted Saturday Night Live a few years back, he helped the program earn the highest non-sports ratings of any network that year.

Let’s face it, he’s on fire. But if you don’t wanna take our word for it, see him for yourself! Tickets are available via Ticketmaster.com