Summer Revolt

Hometown heroes Of a Revolution, better known as O.A.R., return for another fun-in-the-summer-sun concert at The LC Pavilion on July 21st. That’s right, you can party on The LC’s lawn while enjoying the tunes of Marc Roberge (vocals, guitar), Chris Culos (drums, percussion), Richard On (guitar, backing vocals), Benj Gershman (bass guitar) and Jerry DePizzo (saxophone, guitar, backing vocals).

If you’re a die-hard O.A.R. fan, you don’t need us to run through the history of how some of the guys met in grade school and that the band became what it is today while “studying” at The Ohio State University. You should already know all that. But, if you are not a fan, let us instruct you on a few things. O.A.R. represents authentic rock music that speaks to everyone. They may make songs about heartbreak and love, but most of all they make real music that resonates deeply with fans of all walks of life. And it’s always different.
O.A.R. spent much of its early life on the road and has always been known for being a “tour band.”  This time around, they are touring in support of their latest release, a four disc, 37 song live anthology entitled Rain or Shine.  “Right now, on this day, Rain or Shine represents where we are as a band and how far we have come,” says Roberge. “It makes me love playing music for a living, writing songs, and driving across the country with my best friends.”
What are you waiting for? Hit the pavement and get your tickets now before they are all gone. You know where to go –