Bringing Sexy Back

When it comes to classical art forms such as Opera, it’s not unusual to hear the hippest of hip individuals say, “I’ve never been to an Opera.”  When asked “Why?” their only reply is, “It’s just not my thing.” 

So we pose another question.  How do you know it’s “not your thing” if you’ve never even been?  Not so easy to answer that one is it? Now’s your chance to make it your thing. Opera Columbus’ 2010 – 2011 season will not only put a stamp in your culture passport, but will let you in on a little secret, too.  Pssst.  Opera is not only hip, but, oh, so sexy, too.

This year’s season will offer up an artistic mix of performances full of sex appeal  including Berlin to Broadway, Kurt Weill – October 7 and 8, 2010 at The Lincoln Theater, The Marriage of Figaro, W.A. Mozart – Feburary 11-13, 2011 at The Ohio Theater and The Pirates of Penzance, Gilbert & Sullivan – June 10-12, 2011 at The Southern Theater.

The first show of the season is Berlin to Broadway, a joyous, comic, and moving celebration of one of the 20th century's most innovative popular composers, Kurt Weill. This fully costumed and staged revue features songs from a dozen of his musicals, from The Threepenny Opera to the comedy, style, and swing of Lady in the Dark, to soaring melodies, lush with love and longing, from Lost in the Stars. 

A narrator and four singing actors, including local favorite soprano Jessica Grové, take the audience on a musical voyage from pre-World War II Germany to Broadway's golden age, through the music of this most extraordinary composer. The songs are presented in rough chronological order to aid in creating a biographical portrait of composer, Kurt Weill. The popular song, "Mack the Knife," headlines a fantastic selection of tunes that blur the boundary between the "serious" and "popular" music of the theatre. Timothy Veach from Columbus Dance Theater will direct, Bill Boggs (Opera Columbus’ Artistic Director) will conduct, and the Mark Flugge Ensemble will play (7-piece) jazz ensemble.

Tickets: Available through CAPA by calling (614) 469-0939 or visiting