Seinfeld Returns

What can you say about Jerry Seinfeld that hasn’t already been said before? Well, first of all, we can tell you that he’s coming back to Columbus’ Ohio Theatre on April 8.  That’s new info. You already know he starred in one of the most successful shows on television from 1989-1998, but, did you know the show was originally called The Seinfeld Chronicles? Or, did you know that he once appeared on the show Benson?

Seinfeld is also a Porsche lover. At last tally he owned over more than 46, including Porsche 911s from various years, 10 Porsche Boxters of different colors and the famous 1955 Porsche 550 Spyder. It’s the same model and pearl-grey color that actor James Dean was driving when he crashed and died. A few years back, Seinfeld was also in a bit of an extended dispute with several of his New York City neighbors over the proposed building of a $1.4 million multi-story garage to contain and protect all those cars.  

You may also be interested to know that Jerry Seinfeld's father ran Seinfeld Signs, a one-man sign-making shop, and his mother took work as a home-based tailor to help balance the perpetually tight family budget. Seinfeld was eight years old, watching TV with his parents, when he figured out that comedy could be a profession. “I remember my parents telling me, 'This man's job is to come out and be funny for people.'"

Chances are, he will come out on April 8 and be funny for us, too.