Foo Ya!

The Foo Fighters are noted as one of the most diverse and innovative bands out there. It’s easy to agree with that when you listen to their latest release “Wasting Light” and you could probably even further win the debate once you set foot in one of their live shows.

Lucky for you dear Columbus citizens, you’ll get that chance on Sept. 22 at Nationwide Arena. Dave Grohl and company are on the road yet again and you may just get the chance to see their opening acts Rise Against and Mariachi El Bronx, too. 

In case you aren’t 100% down with the Foo you, may want to know that the alternative rock band came to be back in 1994 when Grohl’s band Nirvana dissolved to unforeseen circumstances, namely the death of Kurt Cobain. The name came from UFOs and various other aerial phenomena that were allegedly reported by aircraft pilots during World War II. The objects were known as Foo Fighters. Can’t say that Grohl isn’t creative, even in his band-naming skills!

Check out the Foo Fighters in all their phenomenal glory at Nationwide. Tickets are still available at