Dreamy Winter

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is one of the most magical of Shakespeare’s productions, but now it’s even more mystifying with a cast made up of actors, dancers, martial arts experts, musicians, and street acrobats from India and Sri Lanka, with the dialogue being delivered in English, Tamil, Malayalam, Sinhalese, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, and even Sanskrit.  This sensual and physical re-interpretation of the play casts aside familiar traditions of performing Shakespeare and replaces them with an epic and intuitive power which has captivated audiences worldwide.  
The original casting of this production was a marathon event in itself.  Strenuous auditions around India and Sri Lanka led to the creation of an initial shortlist of 100 actors (later whittled down to 60) who were brought to the National Centre for the Performing Arts in Mumbai, where director Tim Supple and his team had the hard task of choosing the final performance cast of 22.  The different languages and radically different cultural backgrounds and performance styles of the cast have produced a melting-pot that promises to lead to a unique interpretation.
This wonderful event will arrive in Columbus on November 19th and run till November 23rd at the Southern Theatre.  Tickets are $57.50, $47.50, $37.50, $27.50, $11.50 (Thurs. show only) and can be purchased through Ticketmaster or CAPA.