COSI Uncovered

Hooked on one of the multiple CSI shows on CBS?  Is your guilty pleasure figuring out “who done it?” before the show ends?  Then COSI’s new exhibit, CSI: The Experience, is just where you want to be this summer.

Developed by the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and Bob Weis Design Island Associates with the support of CBS, CSI: The Experience invites people to put on their super sleuth hats and enter "crime" scenes to identify and record evidence.  After gathering all the goods, they can weave through "laboratories" for scientific testing and "autopsy" rooms for pathology analysis.  Finally, visitors return to the "office" to build their case, based on the scientific evidence.  The exhibit brings to life real scientific principles and the most advanced scientific techniques used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientists.  And don’t worry; the exhibit is geared toward adults and children 12 and above

Now, if you are a CSI junkie, like we know most of you are, you’ll also enjoy the fact that CSI cast members are the first ones to welcome guests into the exhibit from a large video monitor, lead them through the experience, and praise them for a job well done at the end.  It’s a CSI lover’s dream come true!

So, grab your forensic kit and alert your investigative team, because the award-winning, traveling exhibit will only call COSI home until September 1st.