Art for Life

In recent years, the battle against HIV and AIDS has been a mixed bag of news. The bad news is that the epidemic marches on, spreading virulently around the world. The good news is the prognosis for a cure as well as new medications are improving.

Yet, because the battle against AIDS has been so long and arduous, there has emerged a sense of fatigue and complacency. Now is not the time for such things.

In Central Ohio, the Columbus AIDS Task Force (CATF) has done an amazing job in the fight against the disease, but their fight is extremely costly; therefore, fundraising is key.

ART FOR LIFE is one of the organizations most successful with energizing fundraisers. Jose Rodriguez, one of the co-chairs of this year’s event, hopes the April 15th event raises over a half-million dollars.

The ART FOR LIFE features hundreds of works of art by established and emerging artists that are auctioned off during a live event held at the Columbus Museum of Art. A silent auction and party follow later in the evening at the Columbus College of Art and Design. The more select works are featured in the live auction, but there is something for everyone’s price range.

One can often find amazing bargains on art at this event from paintings and sculpture to photographs and ceramics.

tickets may be purchased by calling 614-265-7561. Any questions may be directed to Ashleigh Schufeldt at 614-340-6756.

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