DJ Daugherty - Rave Reviews

John Daugherty's love affair with the art of DJing started in his family's living room in New Jersey; his first turntable was his Dad's new, loaded stereo. "My Dad had this really great stereo," says Daugherty. "In high school, my friends and I would sit around and make mix tapes constantly. I think that's where it all really started."

After moving to Columbus to attend Ohio State, Daugherty was working the door at a campus bar when the DJ didn't show up. With a love and passion for music, Daugherty thought he had the know-how to be a DJ. He stepped up and starting spinning and that was that--DJ Jondy was born.

Daugherty started spinning his house music at campus bars and other clubs around Columbus. At first, he was just spinning some of his favorite records by groups like Depeche Mode and Fleetwood Mac, but eventually he started making his own beats and became a bigger name. He went from being a Doorman/DJ to playing clubs from Hawaii to Italy, a progression he attributes to the "rave" boom of the mid '90s.

Though still making records and spinning at clubs, Daugherty has been more focused on music and film production lately. His Label, Vital Music Records, has a stable of artists it has been working with to put out bootleg remixes of songs by Billboard dance chart hitters like Coldplay. "It's really a natural progression for a DJ to become a producer if he wants to stay in the game," says Daugherty. "It's something that I can really put my energy and passion for music into. I have a lot of it."

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