Deadsea - Jazzed Up Havoc

The calculated chaos that is a DEADSEA song can sound like Slayer one minute, before slowing to a halt, then jacking back up again in a totally different direction. Not many bands that have been classified as “thrash mental” can boast tracks that go past the 20-minute mark, or that routinely improvise when they take the stage live–all in an effort to make something truly different, something the crowd can and will really get into.

“There are just so many metal bands out there that sound like they were created in a laboratory under fluorescent lights. They just seem so sterile,” guitarist and vocalist Adam Smith says. “We weren’t about fitting as many notes in as we could, we just wanted to do something different.”

Bassist Alex Conley and Smith decided to start the project that would eventually become DEADSEA in 2003. First, they just wrote a few things together. After a couple of drummers, they settled on Jeremy Spears and have put out two albums of their metal, which is influenced heavily by jazz, an indication of their respect to the older guard of metal bands.

“When we started DEADSEA, we kind of messed around with all our different parts and would change things up for every show,” Smith says. “I think we have really become a kind of solid unit now that can create what I kind of wanted when I started the group–metal that moves like jazz.”

DEADSEA has become infamous for their enthusiastic live sets in the Columbus scene. They never play the same show twice; they improvise and sometimes take requests. They live for the live show, and it shows.

“I don’t think it matters what kind of music you play,” Spears says. “You have to bring a fierce energy to the table every night, and if the crowd sees that, they appreciate it.”

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