Russell Boiarsky - Double Sided

Like most people interested in working in the music industry after graduating college, Russell Boiarsky took his chances and moved to Los Angeles after graduating college. Even though he’d been banging on a piano since he was a five-year-old, penning songs and playing music in bands around Houston for years, he took a chance to get into the business side of things. His time in L.A. and the difficulty of breaking into the industry due mostly to bad timing, inspired an array of songs centered on the same ideas.

“I started thinking about how you could turn things and look at them from a different perspective,” says Boiarsky. “It was just a time in my life that I had a lot to think about.”

Now, living in Columbus and married, Boiarsky has finally given those songs a proper treatment. Through a long and arduous mixing and recording process, his newest effort, Turn, was finished. His acoustic roots are inspired by the likes of 90s artists such as Toad and the Wet Sprocket. David Gray and Duncan Sheik are also evident, but there is an indie Death Cab for Cutie influence twisting around his music that keeps the songs from becoming predictable.

“I like to start with something really simple and take it to a completely different place in my songs,” says Boiarsky. “Like, one song I take a sun roof and expand it to imagining myself somewhere sunny and vibrant, but in reality, I’m just daydreaming in my car while stuck in traffic.”

As Boiarsky got older, his songs became more in depth and focused on one idea. They aren’t as broad and indirect, but still bring with them his dedication to melody and attempt at making the most of the time he has his listener’s ear.

“It’s really kind of hard to pack everything you want in that four to five minutes,” Boiarsky says.

Boiarsky had a CD release party for Turn on November 7 at the Basement. For more information on Russell Boiarsky go to