The Great Transparency - Reaching Out

At first listen to The Great Transparency, it is hardly something that one would label immediately as part of the Christian music industry. All labels aside, The Great Transparency has a clean sound with mass appeal, but their only goal is to reach out to the listener about the shared experiences of life. As expected, the band’s name carries much meaning to its members.

“Originally, life was the great transparency. It goes by so fast you can see right through it,” frontman Miah Wagner says. “But we are also the great transparency, in that others see through us to the spirit of God in us.”

Even back when Miah invited his good friend Tommy Clingan to start the project with him in 2006, The Great Transparency was about ministry first, business second. Since then, members have come and gone (the current lineup includes Jameson Leasure and newcomer Ray Bertka), but the focus has stayed the same—using music to relate with the audience. They would love to have a hundred people enjoy a song, but are more pleased if just one is able to identify with it.

“We’ve had a lot of lineup changes, but we’re pretty solid now,” Miah says. “And, we’re lucky. We can see that we are really heading towards a more fulltime direction and can now pursue this thing as a career.”

The Great Transparency has been all over the nation this year, from Ohio to California and everywhere in between. They’ve shared the stage with names like Chris Roe of the Ataris and Switchfoot, as well as the local names in small town churches. They’ve been endorsed by TRX Cymbals and SoZo Guitars, and their single is now streaming across the Christian radio airwaves coast-to-coast. And because their mission is never complete, they plan to pack up and get back on the road for another nationwide trip starting this month.

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